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Knowledge of Cards

The modern professional factories of publishing card decks use professional cardstocks and techniques.


As for the cardstock, generally speaking, all tarot decks and playing cards use black-core paper which is specifically for printing cards. This type of cardstock produced by the German company, Kohler, is superior, followed by France, and after that the particular cardstock produced in China. The Chinese cardstock is divided into black-core paper and blue-core paper. The black core is better than the blue core. This kind of paper has the advantages of good elasticity, high density, no deformation, durability, and comfortable use. But some factories will trick the clients into using low-cost coated paper. Compared to the black-core paper, coated paper has poor elasticity and durability, low density, easy deformation, and it is uncomfortable to use. There are some companies not specifically for publishing tarot decks using coated paper; this is an act which lacks profession.


As for the surface treatment, a smooth and wear resistant surface treatment should be used for shuffling the decks. Usually, the professional factories are able to do that, but some fail to control the quality. But the ones not specifically for printing cards are not capable of applying this technique, which makes the cards short-life.