Silhouettes Tarot 1st Edition (defective)

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Please note that this product is DEFECTIVE!!! The defect is some cards have blemishes. The cards are complete. We suggest you consider it carefully before buying it.
  • NAME:   SILHOUETTES TAROT -Regular Version- 1st. Press Limited
  • AUTHOR:   MASA September (MASA KUZUKI)
  • ORIGIN:   China
  • PUBLISHER:   Self Published
  • TYPE:   Tarot Deck
  • CARDS:    Basic Cards: 78     Bonus Cards: 2
  • CARD SIZE:   7×12cm
  • CARD MATERIAL:   Blue Core Paper
  • CARD LANGUAGE:   English
  • SPECIAL PROCESS:   Silvered Edges

It is a unique silhouette tarot deck. The black silhouette stands out from dreamlike colorful background, which makes the tarot fully filled with mysterious, whimsical, and romantic themes. I would suggest it is suitable for not only playing but also collection, not only general players but also experienced fortune tellers. Inspired by my favorite artists (e.g., Elsa Mora, Rob Ryan and Cindy Ferguson), I discovered my own style during the creation process. I created the deck based on the “RWS” tarot. Most importantly, I followed my heart and included my feelings and understandings. Thus, this deck will not only remind a tarot reader with the “RWS” Tarot, but also encourage self-realization without restriction.

Origin & Standard
Origin China
Product Size 12.3×7.2×3cm
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